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Trends I am LOVING and you'll be seeing in Summer 2017

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Hi guys!

While everyone of us is unique and special in their own way, it's always great to know what trends are coming in strong and what you will be seeing a lot of in the near future. Who knows, your unique and cool self might find some of these trends outstanding and may fit it in your wardrobe :) So a little about me before we start the list. I handpick every piece of clothing, shoe, and accessory that enters my boutique (yes, it's exhausting!). I have also interacted with thousands of customers with different taste, body types, you name it! I will humbly brag and let you know, they walked out of my store with something perfect for themselves. I've been asked before, "Who is the RMC customer?".While that is a loaded question, I have managed to answer. The RMC customer is someone who is ageless, SHE (sorry guys!) is someone who loves to have fun, whether you're 12 yrs old and selecting a custom locket, are in your 20's looking for that sexy LBD, or well into your retirement age and are in love with our Savannah Bee Products. RMC has something for you. These are just a few of my credentials that allow me  provide you with my list of trends I'm loving and well you'll be seeing in the places you shop.  

  1. First trend on my list is: EMBROIDERY


As someone who considers themselves a novice embroiderer herself, I can really appreciate the time and effort it takes to make an embroidered piece.You my dear, are a walking work of art. Expect to see embroidery across all boards whether it be Spartina 449 in their bags. RMC Boutique and Anthropologie in their clothing and shoes, or  elitist high-end brands like Gucci, you will not browse through a mall, on trend online boutique, or magazine without noticing this trend.

2. Second Trend: THICK CLOGS


Can we all take a moment to appreciate the thickness and comfort of this trend! We love rockin' this trend! I love that this trend is both functional and stylish.I mean who wouldn't mind partying it up at the chicest places and not feel frumpy. The designer Gods are listening and we are appreciating! Yass Lord! 

3. Third Trend: Tropical Trend

It's warm outside so let's dress like it! Runways all around the world have embraced this trend with it's simmering patterns and large greenery. Whether you rock a top or go full on maxi dress, these prints on their own are statement makers.You can rock minimalistic jewelry to compliment;) Hey listen,  I'm a Florida girl with deep Latin roots who loves and prefers  brightest and boldest prints... it's better compliment to my tan of course 😘

So there you have it folks! I listed my top three trends I am loving for Summer 2017. I hope you enjoy the read and I have inspired you a little your inner diva to live carelessly and boldly 💋




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