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Rosa  served in the US Army upon graduating high school. She traveled around the world and even deployed to Iraq. Towards the end of her military enlistment, Rosa found herself in Savannah, GA. She loved Savannah so much that soon after discharging from the military, she decided to stay in Savannah. She immediately started working for  one of the best military friendly companies in Savannah. She rose through the ranks, while going to college full-time. Though Rosa enjoyed working for this company, her passion was else where. Bottom line- the cubicle life was not for her. 

In 2011, while still working in her corporate job, Rosa decided to open up an online store called RMC Jewelry. She hosted home parties as far away as Miami, FL. She also attended festivals on the weekends to  get her name across to as many people as possible. Once her business had a steady stream of traffic, she knew the brick and mortar was the way to go. She loved the hustle and bustle of downtown Savannah and set her eyes on a downtown boutique location. 

With the help of her husband,  family, and lot of sweat equity, Rosa's dream became a reality. RMC Boutique (name changed) is in a gorgeous 2,700 sq ft location overlooking the Savannah River and Emmet Park. Our building is between Bay St and River St. RMC Boutique offers women's apparel, shoes, jewelry, accessories and more! We search the globe to bring you the latest trends. We also take pride in showcasing local artist. We have local clothes, jewelry, hand bag and accessory designers in our store and online boutique. We hope you find something you love! 





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