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RC - Ripple Bar Necklace 26-120 - Blue Topaz


Blue Topaz Stone

The sterling silver used at Kristen Baird® Jewelry is partially to fully recycled and the gemstones used are ethically sourced in line with our commitment to social responsibility. Each piece is handcrafted in our Savannah, GA based studio and stamped with a metal mark and maker's mark prior to delivery.

Our one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces may contain slight variances from the photos shown. These variances allow each piece to be unique and never take away from the quality of work or the complexity of design.

In addition to making jewelry, as part of the Kristen Baird® Core Values, involvement in the local community is a priority. Therefore, a portion of each sale is donated back to a local charity, SD Gunner Fund, to make a difference in the lives of Veterans and children with special needs. 

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