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Shoreline Upcycled Salt Soak By Salacia Salts


A day on the water allows the mind, body and soul to be in balance. Need that feeling at home? Shoreline Salt Soak is a blend of fragrances inspired by beautiful sun-dried driftwood found on the shore, warm days with skin kissed with sea salt, and nutrient-rich kelp. This combination leaves muscles and the mind relaxed, and skin feeling soft and hydrated. Note that each wine bottle's shape varies since they are upcycled (each is reused instead of recycled!) from a local Savannah establishment.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Chloride, (Dead Sea Salt and Atlantic Sea Salts) and Fragrance Oils.

All items are made in Savannah, Ga. and inspired by native Southern botanicals, the spirit of the ocean and chic coastal style.

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